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Monday, March 5, 2018

From Revit to Lumion - The Ultimate Review #3 (Lumion 8 Pro)

"HOLY SH**!"

Those were my first two words when pressing render for the first time in Lumion 8 Pro.  

I have been taking my time getting to know the new release before posting a review.  Today is the day.  In this post I will highlight my favorite new features and why I love them.  I will also talk about my wish-list items (in hope that maybe the next go around will address them). 

But, before you read through the review below you should take a minute to check out my previous reviews of Lumion 6 and 7.  This is a continuation of the series and some of the thoughts and feedback I give on my workflow, process, and opinions of the older versions are still valid.... Also, in the previous posts I give some background on why I started using Lumion and what it was like.

Click here to view my Lumion 7 Review...

Now, continue reading to hear about my favorite new enhancements and features in Lumion 8...

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Mysterious Case of the Moving Parameter Button and Arrays

When I am teaching students how to create parametric families in Revit it I have become familiar enough with the differences between each version of Revit that I can usually call out where a button may or may not be.  For example, in the image above the "Add Parameter" has moved from the options bar in 2016 (top image above) to the ribbon in 2018 (bottom image above).

Great, so whenever I am teaching someone how to add a parameter in the family editor in 2018 versus 2016 I can tell them where to look....

Or can I ....?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Revit Tutorial - Streamlined Topography (Auto-Clicker Update)

Way back in 2011 I posted a tutorial showing how you can use a simple little tool to streamline your topography creation.  This is especially valid if you don't have a CAD file and are using an image file of contours, etc... If you are still making topography by clicking every little contour point, and giving yourself carpal tunnel in the process, you need to see this tutorial.

Well, that tutorial is still relevant today, but, the Auto-Clicker software I link to does not work on Windows 10...

I still use this technique today when modeling topography from image files so I thought it would be helpful to re-post it and add the Windows 10 download link...

Keep reading to view the tutorial and download "Auto-Clicker" to streamline your topography creation in Revit....

Monday, February 12, 2018

Revit Tip - The "Site Settings" Dialog

Well, I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks...

Last week, I posted about missing secondary contour lines.  Until now, my solution was to simply move the topography up so that there were no "negative" contour values.  Ivan (from BIM Level) commented on the post and flipped my world upside down.

After over ten years of using Revit, I found a dialog box that I have honestly never even seen before...  I can admit it.  Ivan, you've humbled me.

Continue reading to learn about the "Site Settings" dialog and where it is located...

Monday, February 5, 2018

Revit Tutorial - Missing Secondary Contour Lines (Topo Tip)

File this post under "random things that are good to know about Revit".  Although, it seems to come up more than you would think...

Have you every had a topographic model within Revit not display the secondary contour lines?  Look closely at the two topographic images above.  What is different?  Notice that the model on the left is missing three sets of secondary contour lines (the dashed lines that represent 1'-0" of elevation change).


Keep reading to find out....

Monday, January 22, 2018

Revit Tutorial - Line Weights and Silhouettes

There area  few things to keep in mind when creating "illustrated" graphics with Revit.  What do I mean by "illustrated" graphics?  I mean anything exported out of Revit as an image file for use in presentations or other mediums.  For example, diagrammatic images (like the one below) or maybe images like the exploded axons in this post...

Example Diagrammatic Image...

I thought I would put together a simple post that helps shed some light onto how you can control line weights and "vector" looking graphics in Revit.  Believe it or not, one of the best ways to control your graphics is using the view scale...  

Continue reading to find out what the heck I am talking about...

Monday, January 15, 2018

2017 Highlights and What’s Coming in 2018

Happy new year Revit-ers!  I know, I know… This post is a little late this year.  I typically publish my “year in review” posts before the craziness of the holidays.  This year, my personal and professional schedule pushed it into the new year.  Well, better late than never, right?

Welcome to 2018!  

Before I dive into what’s on the drawing board for The Revit Kid and BIM After Dark in 2018 I wanted to review and highlight 2017.  When I think of 2017, three key subjects come to mind: Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, and Dynamo…

Continue reading for a detailed review on 2017 and what’s on the boards for 2018….

Monday, November 27, 2017

Lumion 8 - Teaser Image ...

Click to enlarge.... Like, for real... Click it....

I downloaded Lumion 8 last week and am beyond impressed with the the new updates, features, and settings... 

In fact, I have been so impressed that I could not wait to finish my thorough review before sharing at least an image with you all! 

While I am in the process of completing my review post about Lumion 8 Pro I want you all to click the image above and see the comparison (or contrast!) between the two versions.  The images above are raw renderings of one of my projects (modeled in Revit).  

I hope you all can see why I am so excited about this release...

What do you think?!

Also, you can follow the trail of my previous two Lumion reviews here and here...

Friday, November 3, 2017

DIY Dynamo Enrollment Closes Today!

The response to DIY Dynamo has been more than I could have imagined!  Thank you to those of you who have already enrolled and have even begun running through the videos.  I can't wait to meet you all during the live office hours!

I wanted to remind all of the other reader's here on the blog that the enrollment period for DIY Dynamo will end tonight at 6:00PM(EST).

What are other readers already saying about DIY Dynamo?

"Firstly I just wanted to thank you for another fantastic series of tutorials. I purchased and downloaded DIY Dynamo yesterday and watched last night - really enjoy how you focus on the architect/designers/Revit user perspective, rather than getting too into the coding of dynamo like other tutorials do. Thank you for this..."
      - Tim Greatrex, Architect.

"Just finished watching the introduction module; really excited about the rest of the course..." 
      - Tom from Texas

Additionally, the private Facebook group is already active with discussions and conversation!  Before we even closed the enrollment ... Continue reading to get a peak inside...

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Another Dynamo Journey Story... (60secondrevit)

When I published a post a few weeks ago describing my Dynamo journey there were a lot of great comments and feedback.  It seems as though many of you were interested in hearing how others got into Dynamo, how they use it, and how they learned.

Because we are in the midst of the DIY Dynamo enrollment week I decided to do something a little different.  One of the people who helped (and continues to help) me continue growing my Dynamo skills is John Pierson of SixtySecondRevit. John is a well known member of the Dynamo community and created some of the most useful packages out there (like Rhythm).

I thought it would be great to hear his Dynamo story and where he started his journey (and why).  Instead of simple interviewing John through twitter or text I thought I would record a Skype call...

Continue reading to hear my "interview" with John...

Monday, October 30, 2017

DIY Dynamo - Enroll Today

When I started the Dynamo Days of Summer back in August many of you reached out and asked if I was going to create a Dynamo tutorial series similar to the BIM After Dark videos.  At that time, I had already started working on a course and your emails and interest are what pushed me to finish it.  Well, the time has come!

I published some posts recently that uncovered some of the reasons you told me (through surveys) why you haven't learned Dynamo.  The first post examined the most common reason: there's no time.  In the second post, I walked through my Dynamo journey and how I did not think I had any practical uses for Dynamo (when I actually had a ton!).

Finally, a week ago I posted a video tutorial (extracted directly from DIY Dynamo) to demonstrate two major points:  Dynamo isn't as hard as it looks and you can learn it in under 10 minutes!

Now, are you ready to start your Dynamo journey?  Enrollment is officially open for DIY Dynamo - A Beginners Course on Dynamo for Revit. 

Continue reading to learn more about the course, what's inside, and a special launch day discount...

Friday, October 20, 2017

Got 10 Minutes? Learn Dynamo! (Dynamo Tutorial and News Inside!)

Over the last few weeks I have been running through some of the common reasons Revit Kid readers stated (through survey data) they have not started their Dynamo journey.  The first, and most common, reason was lack of time.  The second most common reason not finding a practical use (or problem to solve) using Dynamo for Revit.

Last week, I walked through my Dynamo journey and the “ah-ha” moment I had while working for a major Construction Management company.  In that post, I wrote about the two discoveries I made that I believe stopped me from learning Dynamo.

The two “limiting beliefs” I learned were:

1. Dynamo is not that difficult.
2. There were lots of ways I could use Dynamo I didn’t even think about.

If you don't believe what I learned is true... Continue reading.  Also, keep reading for some news on the DIY Dynamo course launch...